LifeSmart Heater or Fireplace

by wootbot

Body Heat

Who says you need warm weather to live the nudist lifestyle?

It's the classic excuse: "I'd love to be naked all the time, but it's just so drafty in the winter." Or "I do a lot of work out in the garage, and it gets too cold out there to go nude." Well, guess what, lukewarm nudists? LifeSmart just called your bluff.

The Infrared Heater can fill 800 square feet with balmy, skin-caressing warmth. And the Infrared Fireplace can heat up a 1000-sq. ft. room full of untamed human flesh. Their Cross-Flow fans push infrared heat into your every crevice and fold. And unlike forced-air heat, it won't dry out the natural moistness that makes the human body such a supple, sensual delight.

So you've got a choice. Buy a LifeSmart Infrared Heater or Fireplace and set your body free to bounce and dangle the way nature intended, or find a new excuse to justify your voluntary imprisonment inside your clothing. And no, for the last time, "nudism is gross" doesn't count.