Look Upon Our Mural, Ye Mighty, And Despair!

by Sean Adams

We've stuffed your mailbox with our packages. We've left giant boxes on your front step. We've filled your houses with weird and (sometimes) useful junk. We've even wrapped you in our own line of tee-shirts. Well, now, we here at Woot are going to leave our mark on something else.

The walls of our own friggin' office.


No, seriously: down in Dallas, we've got this huge building emblazoned with a Woot logo. But in Seattle, there's almost nothing in our office that indicates our presence aside from one little banner and the sweet stench of nerd wit... or what we thought was nerd wit. Then we cleaned out the mini-fridge and the smell went away.

But that's all changed today! Today, we got a mural! Based on artist Dan Zettwoch's designs for our shipping boxes, rendered in black and green vinyl, and applied to the wall using a blow torch (!), the scene shows a booming, Woot-controlled metropolis. It's a city with no official name, but we like to call it "The Internet." (Take a look and suggest a name in the comments if you like.)





So yeah, today is a proud day for the Seattle Woot team. Our home looks a little more like home. Now, if only we could get our cleaning staff (Roombas) motivated enough (charged) to pick up a little bit, things might start feeling half-comfortable around here.

See plenty more "making of" pics at the Woot Flickr page.