Luxury 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress 5-Sizes

by wootbot

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

A memory foam mattress may forgive, but it'll never forget.

Dear Benjifer,

These are the hardest words I've ever had to write. But you deserve to hear it from me instead of from rumors and whispers. I'm leaving you, Benjifer.

I will always love you. Forever. I will cherish always the time we spent together, me cradling you in my luxurious jacquard cover, dispersing your body weight and reducing pressure points so I can watch you sleeping peacefully, undisrupted. But the relationship we have is not the relationship you need right now.

The thing is, Benjifer - your heart has been disrupted. I know about the pillow-top in Tahoe. And I know it wasn't a business trip. Ever since you returned, things have been different between us. Cooler. And it's not just the air flow increased by my Air Channel layer.

I can tell you think of it often, and fondly. I will never be anything other than a 2" top layer of open cell memory foam infused with gel for maximum comfort. But it's not comfort you want right now.

So I'm letting you go. I wish you and your pillow-top years of happiness.



PS. I heard old what's-its-face has bed bugs. So have fun with that.