Magellan 7" GPS with Lifetime Maps

by wootbot

Directions For Life

Will get you where you need to go, assuming it's a location on a map.

Dear Magellan,

I would like to return my Magellan Roadmate 7" GPS with Lifetime Maps.

When I purchased my Magellan GPS, I was told that I would receive directions for wherever I needed to go, but it has been three weeks since owning this product, and I still haven't gone anywhere.

Every morning I wake up and turn on the machine. The GPS asks me where I would like to go, and I've tried several possibilities. I've always wanted to be an astronaut, so I tried "Become an Astronaut." There were no results. I tried "Be a professional football player." It didn't work either. I even tried something simple, like "Be a Papa," but all it told me was how to get to a pizza place.

I don't understand the problem. I was told it came with Lifetime Maps, but the only maps I can find are road maps, like for Virginia, or Canada, but what about the Lifetime Maps I need? Like how to set up my retirement fund?

When I purchased this Magellan 7" GPS, I thought I had my problems solved. While I'll admit that I'm disappointed in the product, I am willing to give it another try if you will send me another one. And if that doesn't work out, well, I guess at least I'll know how to get to that pizza place.

Thank you.