Mint Hard Floor Cleaner

by wootbot

Knight in Shining Microfiber

"Mint Hard Floor, Mint Hard Floor. Wherefore art thou, Mint Hard Floor?"

Peaches the Cat gaz'd longingly out the window. Another day gone, and still nay word from her betroth'd. Had he ev'r existed, 'r had her mind been playing tricks on her? Was he but a dream?

But oh! What an enchanting dream! He was pet perfect in ev'ry way. The manner by which he clean'd expertly along walls and around chair legs, yet whisper quiet in his art. With instincts, sharp like the blade, not only for whence to go, but whence not.

"Where art thou, mine white steed with rechargeable power source? Wherefore wilt i suffer? Wherefore wilt i question the state of mine own floor? If ye art to come, come yarely by way of the Northstar® Navigation System. Until then, with great longing and anticipation, I layeth in wait."