Motorola 2 or 3 Handset Cordless Phone

by wootbot

Ring Ring

The perfect gift for that poor soul with a comfy chair right in the middle of a dead spot.

WE NEED MORE POWER!! you'll scream. I CANNA DO IT your friend will scream back. Then you'll both laugh, knowing the DECT 6.0 Digital Technology in this Motorola Cordless Phone provides improved range without ever needing to boost the power. Then you'll sigh, because that's just what friends do when the conversation lulls.

With a cell phone, of course, those magic lulls turn into HELLO? HELLO, FRIEND, ARE YOU STILL THERE? But with a cordless phone, those lulls become a sort of audio poetry. The soft, quiet nothingness that only two friends can enjoy. Side by side, tied together by the metal cord that binds us all, Americans, nay, HUMANS perpetually in touch and forever just a few button pushes away.

Additionally, there's a nice backlit blue 2" diagonal display and an answering machine with up to 15 minutes of recording time. In case you ever secretly want your best friend to prank call you. Yeah, people act like they hate that kind of thing but c'mon, everyone loves to get a funny message. Imagine getting home to find 15 minutes of this on your machine. Wouldn't you feel loved?

A true friend isn't somebody you keep in your pocket. A true friend isn't someone associated with a single button push. A true friend is someone with a number you know by heart. And a true friend is someone you know will be there, even in the silence.