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Music Monday: Bad Beatles Covers

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Remember when Scott asked for your favorite Beatles covers once upon a time? Well, now Scott's asking for the worst. He's picked five horrid Beatles covers and expects you to do the same. Don't cross him. He's nuts.

Telly Savalas - Something


Best known as a guy who played a tough detective, Telly's side career was hyping a gambler's credit card. His cover is sort of like hearing your cool uncle doing karaoke at your sister's wedding. It's not the worst thing ever, but you wouldn't expect someone to run in with a recording contract. AND YET

It's only gonna plummet from here. See you after the jump!

Samantha Fox - I Should Have Known Better


Samantha Fox was originally known for two things, and cover songs weren't really on that list. And yes, this version of "I Should Have Known Better" is pretty horrible. But it was done for charity with specific constraints from the producer so I can't really hate on Samantha Fox the person. Clearly, she was just doing something nice for those in need, and that's laudable! Even if the song itself is a disaster.

The Wailers - And I Love Her


I'm usually the first one to defend reggae covers but there's something about this one that just troubles me. Maybe it's the "oh is it last call already" feel to the whole production. Obviously the fellas would go on to change music, and one of them would change the whole world, but this is not the song they'd do it with.

Frank Zappa - Texas Hotel Medley NSFW for content


As a parody of current political events, this sarcastic slam on Jimmy Swaggart, then-recently caught with a prostitute, is pretty funny. As a song, it's just as sarcastic. Of course everyone involved is super-talented and they probably learned the whole thing in less than a night, but you can kinda feel the insults in the music itself, and that's not what a Beatles song really needs. Too much John and not enough Paul throws the whole thing off, you know?

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Strawberry Fields Forever


This one speaks for itself, I think. Just hit play and see when you get bored. Oh, sorry, "scared away by how edgy it is!" Sometimes I mix those two up. One bonus point: it's a real bar mitzvah. Even I'm not cynical enough to hate on that part.

Let the hate flow, people. Post your most-hated Beatles covers in the comments. Let us also just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use. See you next week.