Napoleon Mirage Grill - Your Choice

by wootbot

The Emperor's New Grill

We've had enough of these textbooks telling their lies. It's about time someone came out and told the truth about Napoleon.

Some may think that Napoleon's days in exile on St. Helena island were spent in misery. After all, not long before that, he was an Emperor, and then suddenly he became a powerless Frenchman living in British captivity. But what Big Textbook doesn't want you to hear is that those days in exile were arguably the best days of Napoleon's life.

The truth, you see, is that when Napoleon went into exile, he was finally able to explore his true passion: barbecuing on his grill. Many make the incorrect assumption that Napoleon's favorite activity was going to war, but it's not true! When he wasn't fighting other countries, Napoleon could often be found on his deck, with an apron that read "Kiss the French Cook," making burgers.

It was those days that inspired these Napoleon Mirage Propane and Natural Gas Grills. Because grilling was such a little-discussed Napoleonic hobby, there is no evidence of whether he preferred propane or natural gas, but what we do know is that he loved the look of stainless steel, always used a warming rack for buns and indirect heat cooking, and kept his condiments on a wraparound condiment tray -- all of which are features included in these grills.

During his leisurely post-Emperor life, Napoleon would use a grill similar to these Napoleon Mirage Grills. He'd invite friends and family over, as well as his neighbors, and he would cook for them everything from sausage to fish to steak. Among locals, though, Napoleon was best known for his ribs, which while cooking he would often tell his favorite joke: "These ribs are so tender, the meat falls right off the Bonaparte!" His guests would laugh, take a drink, and get back to their feast.