NeatDesk Desktop Scanner

by wootbot


So Neat you could talk about it. FOREVER.

So, yeah. Here it is! My home office!

"Wow! It's really nice!"

Thanks. It cost a lot to set up, but I like how it turned out. Really inspires me to work, you know?

"Totally. Oh, hey! Neat Desk!"

Yeah, it is, isn't it?

"I was actually talking about the..."

Yeah, I contacted this guy - a craftsman -and I said, what's the most exotic desk-making technique you know?

"Cool, but what I meant was..."

Turns out there's this ancient method, used by the Romans or the Japanese or the Swiss or something - I forget who - where they cut down a tree...

"Sure, but..."

...And then they actually eat the desk out of the tree.

"Yeah, wow, but...

Like, they literally go at this tree like they're a woodchuck and eat away at it until they've got a surface and legs and everything. That's why there are all those teeth marks.

"Uh-huh, cool, but..."

And I mean, the guy just did a desk because that's what I ordered. But he could do anything. Chair. Rocking chair. Kitchen table. It costs a pretty penny, though!

"Interesting, but how about that..."

I mean, there's the labor, first off. Then there's the medical stuff. That's a lot of wood to eat. My guy said if you don't go to the ER twice while making a piece of furniture, you're doing it wrong.


But this is all on the DL, okay? The technique isn't exactly legal in the states. So, does that answer all your questions?

"What? I didn't ask any questions. I just said 'Neat Desk.' And I wasn't even talking about your desk. I was observing that you have a high-speed desktop scanner that can export to QuickBooks®,TurboTax®, and Outlook®. Not to mention it comes with NeatWorks® software that can identify and extract key information from your paper files a then automatically organize it in the easy to use database and..."

Jeez, are you done yet?! You've been going on about this scanner forever!