Nikon D5200 DSLR Camera w/18-55mm Lens

by wootbot

The World SLRies

A rough weekend to be a baseball photographer 

"You wanted to see me, boss?" 

"Sit down, Anderson. I gave you a plum of an assignment: Photographing the big game -- what could be easier?" 

"What's the problem? Was something wrong with the quality, because my Nikon D5200 --"

" -- The pictures look great, but they're of the wrong damn things! What's this, a picture of the batter in the bottom of the 9th?" 

"Yes, I had my Nikon trained on home plate in case he hit a home run to tie the game." 

"Who wants to see that!? Why weren't you taking photos of the runner on first? That's where the action was, Anderson!" 

"But look at the color depth on the batter's face…" 

"I don't give a hoot, Anderson! I've got a paper to print and no photo of the game worth running! Now, show me what you've got from the previous game." 

"All right. Here's the catcher tagging the runner out at home. I set my Nikon to take five pictures per second so I got the perfect action shot." 

"WHAT?? Nobody wants to see a close play at home in the bottom of the ninth! Why didn't you get a shot of the third baseman's legs?" 

"Well, I had to choose one place to take a photo of, and it seemed more likely that…" 

"You're fired!"