Ninja BL660 Professional Blender

by wootbot

Shinogaritas for Everyone!

It blends! It purees! It crushes ice! It assassinates the regent of the shogunate!

Once, noblemen pleaded with me for their lives. I crept in shadow, slipped through nets, struck like invisible lightning. I was silent death. They called me ninja.

Then, as I prowled through the temple to assassinate him, a powerful cleric saw me. Not with the eyes of the flesh, but with a sight beyond seeing. And he cast a hex on me. And I slept.

I awoke with neither voice to speak, nor legs to run, nor hand to raise in objection. I was trapped. I was trapped inside a blender.

I am damned to endure humiliation unending. Prodded at, commanded, driven like a slave. My blades, once so deadly, now taste only ignoble combat with fruit, vegetables, ice. And the final insult? They still call me Ninja.