Nokia Lumia 900 16GB Unlocked Cell Phone

by wootbot

Free At Last

Be like the rōnin, and cast aside your telecom masters.

In feudal Japan, samurai pledged allegiance to lords, or "masters." However, when a lord died or was displaced, the samurai would become masterless and become known as a "rōnin." When a cell phone user today buys an unlocked phone such as this Nokia Lumia, they cast off the oppression of their contracts and become modern-day rōnin.

While this phone is technically sophisticated in its own right -- boasting a rich 4.3" display, 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor, and 4G LTE connectivity -- the freedom it affords its owners is its greatest virtue. The fields of honor shall be your home.

Perhaps, like the loyal samurai, you have been so long under the sway of your cell phone contract that you simply cannot comprehend another existence. But ask yourself: Does your carrier's plan afford you the respect and honor becoming a warrior of your distinction? Would you not be better served serving no one but yourself?

The paths of both the rōnin and the contractless cell phone user are fraught and treacherous. Your life, and your SMS usage, are in your own hands -- do you possess the courage to follow the warrior path?