Nook HD 7" 8GB Tablet

by wootbot

Dept. Of Sentient Circuitry

Happy Labor Day! Why not put your feet up and relax with a good book? Well, you can't, because you don't own one of these yet. HURRY UP AND BUY ONE!

If you had a nice Nook like this, you could be busy making the Android operating system look just so, and downloading audio and video to listen to and to watch, and fireing up Chrome so you could post on our forums about how our writers use the word "to" too much, and grabbing some apps to help you cook and clean and do math and stand on your head or whatever, all on the stunning high-res 7" display.

NOT TO MENTION this Nook does something else you might enjoy: it handles BOOKS! That's right, BOOKS! In ELECTRONIC FORM! No more paper cuts! No more hauling an extra suitcase full of paperbacks on vacation! Now it's all right there on a tiny little portable device that you can toss on the bed with abandon. Wheee! It'll say as it lands softly on the hotel pillow. What fun it is to be a Nook!

Oh, sorry. That last one was just hyberbole. This Nook can't actually talk. Be aware that if you get one that does talk, you probably should call the government. They know what to do with all technology that comes to life.

No, really. There's a whole bureau for it. Go on, look it up if you think we're kidding. Just be aware: if you cant find it listed... your computer might already be alive.