Onkyo 7.2 Receiver w/ Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

by wootbot


It's what you wish it was!

Here, let me just take this out of the box and… whoa! Are you a genie?! 

"Yes! I am the Genie of Onkyo. Ask and you shall receiver!"

Whoa! Awesome! How many wishes do I get?

"As many as you want!"

This is crazy! Can I get a million dollars worth of gold coins?

"Yes, you may! Your wish, granted: six 4K-ready HDMI inputs!"

Wait, that's not what I asked for.

"It was the closest I could offer. Here, try another one."

Sure! I want Cassandra to dump Jake and start dating me!

"Granted: Onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Streaming Technology!"

Again, that's not what I wished for.

"You didn't say 'Onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Streaming Technology'?"


"Musta misheard."

Okay, I see where this is going. You can go back to your bottle or whatever.

"No, hold on, try one more!"

Fine. I want jewels and rubies.




Seriously, you got me jewels.

"Sure did."


"As long as when you say 'jewels' you mean 'Quick and Easy Remote App Control.'"

I hate you, Onkyo genie.