Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

by wootbot

Time for summer junking.

It's a slippery slope, my friends. Today it's phone calls over the Internet, tomorrow it's talking goats. I know that seems like a big leap, but it's really not. Think about how people felt back in the olden days when photography was brand new. Was it a holy miracle? The work of the devil? You might say, "No, it was just science." But that was a long time ago, so I guess we'll never really know.

Spring cleaning is over, and that means it's time for summer cluttering. You've never heard of summer cluttering? Here's the idea: You buy a bunch of stuff to scatter throughout your home. It's simple! 

Maybe you're thinking "But Woot, I don't have any space in my home that needs cluttering." Sure you do! How about the top of your fridge -- wouldn't it be nice to clutter that with some random kitchenware? Or how about your pristine home office? Imagine what it would be like with more stuff all over the place.