OraBrush Tongue Cleaner - 12 Count

by wootbot

Sensitivity Training

Some things are just hard to bring up.

There's no easy way to tell someone they have bad breath, is there? Sure, everyone likes to say stuff like, "Oh, I appreciate it when someone points that out to me. It shows they're considerate," but right there in the moment, after you tell them they have a mouth like a hot dumpster, there's that horribly awkward pause as they process the fact that you just insulted their personal hygiene. Regardless of your good intentions, it can make for some awkward conversations.

That's why this is the perfect time to give an OraBrush Tongue Cleaner. For most gift-giving occasions - birthdays, weddings, Mitzvahs both Bat and Bar - the gifts are expected to come with a "FROM:" tag attached. But Christmas offers socially acceptable possibilities for obscuring the origin of a gift. A Secret Santa gift exchange can be the perfect way to de-funkify your cubicle-neighbor's breath without starting a career-destroying vendetta.

If you don't have any way to insinuate yourself into a Secret Santa setup with your targeted OraBrush recipient, there's always the "regular Santa" approach. You'll want to get started now figuring out the details. It'll take some time to steal their house key, have a copy made, and return the original. But when this foul-mouthed friend finds a mysterious OraBrush Tongue Cleaner under the tree on Christmas morning, it'll all be worthwhile.

Acrid wafts of paint-peeling halitosis can ruin the holiday season - but so can embarrassing confrontations about hygiene. Let the OraBrush do the talking. You'll save the person's feelings and help them with their little problem - and you won't have to stand anywhere near them to do it.