OtterBox Armor Waterproof Cases for Apple/Samsung

by wootbot

Am I Otter Not?

Less fun than a box of otters, but less cryptosporidium infections, too.

Why would you need a waterproof case for your smartphone? Six possible reasons:

  1. Your job expects you to be reachable at all times, even while wakeboarding.
  2. To be ready to Instagram your imminent discovery of Atlantis.
  3. You're at your best in conference calls in the shower.
  4. Your coworkers relieve stress with impromptu soy-sauce fights.
  5. You are an anthropomorphized entity made entirely of water, like TLC in the "Waterfalls" video, but way less hot, let's be for real.
  6. Your job writing lists of dumb jokes means you spend a lot of time crying.