Panasonic Quad-Proof Bluetooth Speaker

by wootbot


This speaker isn't just for entertainment. It can also be an instrument of revenge.

You know that annoying neighbor with the dog? The dog that won't stop barking all day and all night? Yeah. That dog. Of course we're not suggesting to throw ping pong balls at its head or dump shaving cream on the roof of its doghouse That would be cruel! And besides, it's not the dog's fault. We're also not suggesting you get a bigger and louder dog. We're suggesting that you get... an elephant.

That's right. An elephant. And maybe a dozen howler monkeys. Those are the ones that make a lot of noise, right? And while you're at it, maybe a gaggle of cockatoos. Don't worry about what you're going to feed them or where you're going to put them, because they're all going to fit right inside these rugged little speakers.

They're the all-season outdoor type, you see, so they can be outside 24/7. Just make sure you aim those woofers and tweeters in the general direction of your neighbor's bedroom, then turn them on full blast starting at about 2:00 am. At worst, the dog is going to keep barking. At best, the neighbor is going to make so many calls to the police to complain about your nonexistent exotic animals collection that they'll eventually come and cart him away.