Pioneer 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver

by wootbot

Go Forth!

It's been all over the world.

Many people don't realize this but the Pioneer 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver is called that because it actually IS a pioneer. Let's look at some of its pioneering achievements:

  • The Pioneer Receiver discovered Antarctica by accident. Upon stepping foot on the frozen ground, the Receiver said, "Huh? This? Really? Weird."
  • The Pioneer Receiver did not found Rhode Island, but it did found all of the hip nightspots in Providence.
  • The Pioneer Receiver conquered most of Central America using only its amazing smile.
  • The Pioneer Receiver has never been to Hungary, yet it is considering one of the country's founding fathers. Supposedly, it sent Hungary a box of scones and with a note that said, "add me to the books, pls" and everyone just went with it.
  • The Pioneer founded a community in the clouds. The residents are all other Receivers and they all hang out, drink lemonade, look down on the Earth, and laugh at how dumb we are.

See? It's been all over. Also, it does well as an A/V receiver too...