Pioneer 7.1CH 3D Ready A/V Receiver

by wootbot

Appliance of Easy Virtue

Some receivers save themselves for that special signal source. This Pioneer will have any AV source that stumbles into its ports.

Smartphones, tablets, PCs, Bluetooth devices, iPods - even the Internet. The Pioneer VSX-1022-K doesn't care where video or audio has been, or what filthy conditions it make have picked up along the way. It's ready to play in 1080p, all the time, and it doesn't ask any questions about anybody's past. It's even 3D ready - if you are.What gets you going, sailor? Ethernet? USB? AirPlay? Get after it, big boy. The Pioneer VSX-1022-K is always ready, totally willing, and very able. The things it can do with those 6 HDMI ports alone would get it arrested in Tijuana.

And the flexibility, jumping jiminy, the flexibility. 7 channels of amplification and 9 channels of speaker connection for your audio to have its way with. Maybe you're into a front-height setup, or a split between 7.1 for video and two dedicated music speakers, or maybe just a vanilla 7.1 surround with back speakers. The Pioneer VSX-1022-K is always ready to service those with, let's say, specialized tastes.

Of course, this all comes at a price. But for you? You're cute. Tell you what, the Pioneer VSX-1022-K will cut you a deal this time. What do you say, stranger? Ready to have a little fun?