Polara US/XD Golf Ball Combo 12-Pack

by wootbot

Great Balls of Golf

No, you're not seeing things. Out of our desperate craving for dollars commitment to our customers, we're running an extra deal today. Who loves money you, baby?

Use these: to fill your sugar cube tray when you're all out of sugar cubes. Can you use them in your coffee? No! But anything's better than an empty sugar cube tray.

Don't use these: if just saying the word "balls" is too much for you to handle. C'mon! GROW UP!

When it's cold outside, these stay warm by: singling out the weakest golf ball in the pack, sacrificing it, and building a tent out of its skin. Look, we didn't say it was pretty, okay? But you should know the truth about how golf balls operate.

If these were a sports broadcaster, they would say: "He's taking it to the hole!"

For its audition to appear on the site, this product used a monolog from: A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard.