Polk Audio SurroundBar w/ Wireless Sub

by wootbot

Setting The Bar

Why go out at night, when you can go in?

Ever wonder why your trips to the bar haven't resulted in you successfully meeting a prince charming or picking up a fair dame? The answer's simple: you're going to the wrong bar. You should be going to the Polk Audio SurroundBar.

It's amazing. We see such carelessness every day, and we feel for you. Really, we do. Getting all dolled and snazzed up for a night at the discotek. And what do you have to show for it but sweaty clothes and an empty wallet? Nothing. The answer is nothing. So why not just pump some disco and techno music into your SurroundBar and enjoy Polk's Digital Logic sound technology at home?

Then there's the getting there part. Will you take a cab, the train, a unicycle? And once you arrive, you face the dreaded line. Will the bouncer let you in? Or will he not let you in?  Oh, it looks like he's going to let you in, but wait, nope, a local semi-celebrity showed up, and you're going to have to wait some more. You know, the Polk Audio SurroundBar doesn't judge or discriminate -- if you press the "on" button, it will play you music, and it will play you music well.

Really, it's unfortunate that so many people are subjecting themselves to the drudgery of going out to listen to music with others when there's a beautiful world inside their home where they get all of the audio entertainment they need. Men and women, guys and gals all over the world love crisp, clear audio quality, so invite them over for a drink and an hour of listening to Marvin Gaye while sitting on your couch. Odds are they'll enjoy it a lot more than that pick-up line about them being tired from running in your mind. You know that one, right? Yeah, that one.