Print Your Own Unofficial, Value-Free Woot Gift Certificates

by Jason Toon

Gift cards and gift certificates are convenient for indecisive gift-givers and finicky gift-getters alike. But they're also kind of complicated for us to figure out how to implement. And as the media reports every year, they're no picnic for the recipients, either. Wouldn't you love to give a Woot gift certificate that never expired, charged no inactivity fees, and, in the extremely unlikely event that the recipient couldn't find anything good to buy on Woot, was redeemable at any retailer in America?

It's called cash.

No, Woot still does not offer gift certificates. But inspired by the home-made gift certificates made by some Woot fans, and The Consumerist's Anti-Gift Card, we offer these DIY Woot gift certificates in three meaningless denominations. Click it yourself. Print it yourself. Clip some cash to it yourself. And if you're mentally unstable, you can even give it to yourself. We don't judge, especially in situations where we might make some money.

Remember, these are not official Woot gift certificates and have no value beyond the cash you clip to them, and the artistic merit of the design by the great Goopy. If you want to give another denomination, well, that's nothing a Sharpie can't fix. Goopy won't mind.

We hope this makes your gift-giving a little easier. We hope the Woot fiend in your life likes the present. But most of all, we hope he or she spends that cash with us.