Putt It There: Wilson ProStaff Clubs

by wootbot

Caddy Up

You're gonna be the baddest mofo at the Putt Putt.

"I'm asking because you're the expert."

Well, let's see. At this angle and with the trajectory you'd need, I'd probably use the 5 iron. The Power Cell technology aligns the weight mass dead center, so you're gonna get more accuracy and distance out of it.

"Yeah, but you think I'll be able to get around that hazard?"

With these steels shafts? Absolutely. They don't twist or torque, so even if you hit it on the heel or the toe of the club, you're golden.

"I dunno. I was really leaning towards the driver. Look at that graphite shaft. It's a thing of beauty."

Well, it's not like it'd be the first time you let looks cloud your judgment.

"Ouch. Touché."

Whatever you decide, you should probably do it quickly or let those people play through. The little one looks like he's getting antsy. Or he might just have to go potty.

"OK, OK. The 5 iron it is. So … if I make it through the windmill in one shot, I win, right?"