Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

by wootbot

Forest Beats

Waterproof and rugged, you say? Well, well, well. Looks like the wildlife are finally going to get a little class in music appreciation.

Today, a walk in the woods or a trip across the ocean is only a reason for fear. What if you drop your expensive electronic item? What if it's trampled by a deer or eaten by a shark? However, with a Pyle Portable Bluetooth Speaker, the problem is gone like a coral reef within the next decade. Why? Simple!

Bluetooth means you can sync up your iDevice or Thingdroid and stuff it in a cupboard or knapsack. The magical, mystical powers of Bluetooth keep that music coming through the speaker. A speaker, might we add, that's incredibly tough. A speaker that's shock resistant, with outstanding bass output. A speaker that's waterproof, so you can offer that bass output to real bass, the kind that live in the stream near your campsite.

Naturally, this Portable Bluetooth Speaker can also work in the corner of your desk just fine. But why be trapped indoors when you could be sharing your music with the world!?!?!?! And speaking of that, would you like to hear my new demo? My band's a dulcimer/ukulele combo with a Hammond organ plugged into a iPad for that digital sound. I really think you might enjoy...

... okay, fine. FINE! Run all you want! I HAVE ALL OF NATURE TO APPRECIATE ME NOW!!!