Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

by wootbot

No More Need For Dry

Sing in the rain, sure! But listening to other people sing in the rain? Before now, you'd've had to hire a choir to follow you! Thank goodness THIS thing's waterproof.

The rain is wonderful. The rain is good for plants. But the rain is terrible for electronics. That's why most people don't take their Bluetooth device out into the rain if they can help it. And so they walk along, humming to themselves, inspiring musicians who lurk in rainy shadows in the hopes they can steal tunes from lonely walkers who won't notice anything but rain. That's right. YOU might have had YOUR genius STOLEN! And all because you didn't have a Marine Grade Waterproof Bluetooth Pyle Portable Speaker.

Now, let's try that same scenario with a Pyle Portable Bluetooth Speaker in hand. Splish splash, la la la, oh there's the musician stealing what I'm singing BOOM IN JAIL because when that musician steals from other musicians, the iron fist of the industry goes into action! Because if there's one thing we know, it's the the music industry protects its own.

So remember: when in public, always keep your own genius hidden. It minimizes the risk. Instead, rock out on a Pyle Portable Bluetooth Speaker! It's almost as much fun, and it shifts the risk to someone else. Where it should be.