Reservoir Dogs Shot Glass Set

by Wootbot

Once had drinks
Swallowed ‘em really fast
They were served
In a Dogs Shot Glass
Based on the movie
Came out in the pa-a-ast
Reservoir Dogs
Mean you’ll drink with class

Mr. Brown
And then Mr. White
Mr. Blonde
Boy was I a sight
Then Mr. Orange
Then I got in a fi-i-ight
After Mr. Pink
Called it a night

These, you see
Were all the glasses that came out on the 15th
Anniversary of this movie’s release
If you didn’t get them then
You get
Them now
Pretend you always had them

Once had drinks
And they were divine
Reservoir Dogs
Totally blew my mind
The shot glasses made me
Unable to decli-i-ine
Another drink
Now I think I’m blind

All these guys
The five that are the coolest you can
Put them on
Your mantle or your bar shelf and then
Show them with pride
Or not let people use them, yeah

Oooo ooo oh ohhh
Oooo ooo oh ohhh

Once had drinks
That were served with class
They came out
Of a Dogs Shot Glass
They were so fancy
Couldn’t decli-i-ine
Next morning though
I wish I’d died

Oooo ooo oh ohhh
Oooo ooo oh ohhh
Oooo ooo oh ohhh
Oooo ooo oh ohhh

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


  • Same shot glasses that were packaged in the 15th anniversary collector set that originally came with the Reservoir Dogs DVD, DVD not included
  • Glass construction
  • Screenprinted images, featuring: Mr. Brown, Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, Reservoir Dogs movie title

In the box:

  • Mr. Brown shot glass
  • Mr White shot glass
  • Mr. Blonde shot glass
  • Mr. Orange shot glass
  • Mr. Pink shot glass
  • Reservoir Dogs shot glass