Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

by wootbot


Get it now while Our Telecom Overlords still permit streaming video!

Someday you'll look back with fondness on the quaint little megacorporations that used to offer you broadband service. "Remember back before all the mergers? We used to be able to use the Internet without swiping our credit cards after every gigabyte we downloaded! You could actually use your Internet connection to watch TV! Then came... the monopoly..." That's what we'll talk about while we're waiting for our email attachments to download. Oooh, it's been half an hour now, let's see what this one is - darn, just another banner ad for those X10 cameras.

Yes, the M&A machinations of the Fiber-Optic Skeletors are sure to throttle this Roku 3 into obsolescence someday, pending FTC approval. But what a glorious time you'll have until then, streaming from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and 1,000+ more services (paid subscriptions required and not included with this purchase). It won't last forever, but at least you'll have something to tell your grandkids.