Samsung 32" 1080p 3D LED HDTV

by wootbot

Madness Gets A New Dimension

If you're truly a raging fan, you're gonna need some backup TVs. You know, in case things get nuts.

It happens every year. Some little liberal-arts school launches a halfcourt buzzer-beater to knock one of the titans out, and you just lose control. Of your movements. Of your emotions. Of your bowels. Of everything. The next thing you know, you're coming to in a mess of smashed home theater components, crushed pretzels, and splattered bodily fluids. Your mouth is weirdly dry, every muscle in your body aches, and you have to buy a new TV at premium mad-season prices.

Not this year. This year you're going to stock up on Samsung 32" LED 3D TVs. At this price, you can just snap up a trio of these 1080p beauties, put them in a closet, and save them until one of your overtime episodes lays waste to everything around you. Then, if you're watching a game that goes into overtime, you don't need to worry about cutting loose. Especially if you're also wearing a helmet, some knee and elbow pads, and an adult diaper.