Samsung Blu-ray Player with Apps & Wi-Fi

by wootbot

DIY Everything

All you need to build your own is a lifetime 

Why buy something when you can build your own version of it? Sure, it might be more convenient to purchase this Samsung Blu-ray player with apps that works right out of the box, but that wouldn't be nearly as satisfying as constructing your own!

Building a homemade Blu-ray player is easy: All you need is (1) a degree in electrical engineering, (2) a thorough understanding of parts manufacture and sourcing, (3) an industrial designer, (4) patience, and (5) several hundred thousand dollars.

​Step one: familiarize yourself with the conceptual and practical aspects of basic electronic engineering, optics (for the Blu-ray itself) and software development (even basic Blu-ray players require thousands of lines of code). Set aside some time for this step (3-4 decades) as the accumulated knowledge required to build even a "simple" home electronic device is staggering.

Step two: Build a solid relationship with a Chinese electronic manufacturer. Sure, you're going to design this player but you're going to need someone to put it together for you. Pro tip: Bribery of Chinese government officials is standard business practice. Don't be stingy or your factory might experience some "unfortunate accidents."

Step three: Hire an industrial designer. Better yet, hire a manager to run your design team. Make sure to hire someone who keeps the culture of your company intact and shares your vision for the future of Blu-ray technology. Did we mention you're in charge of a company now?

Step four: Take a breather! You've been working hard and have abandoned a regular life in favor of building your own Blu-ray player.

Step five: Rustle up at least $750,000 to get things off the ground. Now that everything's lined up for production, you're going to need to find some investors who are willing to throw down some serious cash on your project. This is probably the most difficult step, as by the time you've figured out how to construct a Blu-ray player the technology will almost certainly be defunct.

Step six: Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done!