Samsung Galaxy Note 16GB 10.1" Tablet

by wootbot

This Note's For You

Every Galaxy Brings Da Funk. That's how kids will learn the scale in our piano lessons. PS: don't take our piano lessons. They won't go well.

Musicians know that a note is the smallest unit of measurement. If you ask a musician what time it is, they say "Four measures past six!" If you ask a musician what kind of sandwich they want, they say "Get me a twelve-bar meatball combo!" And if they want a tablet? Get 'em a Galaxy Note!

Of course, you can't just expect a musician to use a tablet like you or me, right? So what you've got to do is call this a SERIOUS COMPUTING INSTRUMENT. Play up the movement of the touch screen, and how it's like flipping through a score. Except here, the score is the Internet! And note that the Galaxy Note also plays pretty much every type of music, from FLAC to MP3, SP-MIDI to OGG, WMA to WAV and back again.

Also there's video up to 1080p but who cares about THAT, right? It's all about the music! And maybe a few emails that read "You were flat, jerkface, and try not to step on my solo again!" Because that's what musician wants in life. A Note that bends to their will.