Samsung Galaxy Note 8" Tablet w/ Pouch

by wootbot

Feeling Included

When buying the tablet, it's not just about the tablet you buy. It's also about what's included with it.

Before deciding on including a pouch with this Samsung Galaxy Note 8" Tablet, we considered several other options. Here's what was on the drawing board:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8" Tablet w/Slouch: When we originally proposed this idea, it was, hey, people can be lazy and slouching while using the tablet and won't feel bad because the tablet will be slouching too. Turns out, though, that when a tablet is slouching, it messes up the way the light hits it or something, and you can't see what's on the screen clearly.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8" Tablet w/Couch: Who doesn't love a new couch!? A couch to go with a tablet? Even better! But the shipping people shut down that idea saying it wouldn't make a profit or some crap like that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8" Tablet w/Cow: This way you could've had plenty of milk to drink while surfing the web on your tablet, but alas, shut down again.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8" Tablet w/Grouch: We're not even sure why we came up with this idea. Unless it would be the green kind of grouch. He might be fun to have around now and then. It would've made our trash cans more interesting, at least.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8" Tablet w/Ouch: Every time you touch the touchscreen it gives you a little electric jolt! Shockingly, not our most popular suggestion. And even more painful than us using the word "shockingly" in that context!

Then someone suggested a pouch, which we guess is a totally practical, logical thing to include with a tablet considering it protects it and makes it easier to carry around, but let's be honest, compared to some of our other brilliant suggestions, you're basically settling when it comes to taking the pouch.