Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 w/ Keyboard & Dock

by wootbot

Lazy... Or Genius?

The goal is to make the entertainment come right to you. That's when you know you're really livin'.

There was a time when watching TV on your Tab meant turning a soft drink to reflect the light just so. Today, however, there's a whole new world of technology, and every last piece of it is aimed on keeping you entertained and immobile. Don't fight it, humanity. Just get comfy and let it wash over you like a wave.

Owning a Galaxy Tab 10.1 like this one is like opening a door. A door to a world full of everything you might need. Games? On there. Internet? On there (assuming you've got a wireless router.) Movies and TV access? On there. IR Blaster to make your Galaxy Tab into a universal remote control? On there. MP3s and such? On there as soon as you add them. Can you picture all that? Good.

Now picture this: instead of walking through that door, the door starts to slide forward towards you. Without moving, without even getting up, you are now through that door. Do you want a different door? Hit a button! Boom! Door changes itself! Need to charge your Galaxy Tab? Hey, a Docking Station's right there, next to the Bluetooth Keyboard! You haven't moved an inch and you've already got more options than a multiplex built inside a baseball stadium that features an arcade with cable!

The future isn't in motion, people. The future's sitting down. Find yourself a pizza delivery app and visit Home.Woot to buy a new couch because you've found your niche, and you're never gonna wanna leave.