Samsung Tab 2 7" or 10.1" with Pouch

by wootbot

Sometimes We Have Society For A Reason

I bought a 7" tablet, a 10" tablet and a ping pong ball. Now, I've got a ping pong set with WiFi! GO ME!

Some people might swear that using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to play table tennis is a waste of good technology. Some people might say that giving one person a 7" Galaxy Tab and the other person a 10" Galaxy Tab puts one of them at a serious disadvantage. But you know what? It's not YOUR place to judge me! Just like Anthony Weiner and Miley Cyrus, I do what I WANT! AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!

So, sure, if you want to buy one of these Android 4.0 tablets, pop a card in the microSDHC slot, watch movies or TV or listen to music or whatever via all the different apps you'll have access to buy, hey, that's good. For YOU! But me, I'm using my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2's to play ping pong. And I'm going to wear tight flesh-colored biker shorts and no shirt and call myself "SeƱor Terror" and send photos of my game to all my friends.

BUT DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE ME, OKAY? You simply DO NOT have that right. 'cause that's just me, right? I'm just being me, playing ping pong with Galaxy Tabs. AND I'VE DONE MORE FOR THE GAME OF PING PONG THAN YOU EVER WILL!!!