Samsung Tab 2 7" or 10" w/ Accessory Kit

by wootbot

Don't Judge Until You See The Foot

These Samsung Tab 2 Bundles are 7 inches and 10 inches respectively. So we'll take a que from a popular sandwich chain and say that makes them "one foot long!"

Hey, sandwich guys, calm down. We're not judging anyone. Quite the opposite, in fact. We're celebrating a great new direction in marketing! Now we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that words don't mean a THING when you see them in advertisements! And doesn't that free us from the constraints of, you know, reality?

Like, pick up one of these 7" Samsung Tab 2 Tablets right here. This one comes with a sweet screen, 8GB internal storage, and a nice accessory kit with a microSDHC memory card, earbuds, a splitter and a microfiber cloth. But in our ad? We'll say "This tablet can stop time!" and then if anyone complains, we'll just say "stop time" is a marketing term that refers to how you can set the time and date internally and wasn't meant to be taken as fact.

Or what about this 10" Samsung Tab 2 tablet? Why can't we look at the portability and the 16GB internal memory and those same included accessories and say "You'll never get turned down for a date with one of these!" Naturally, by date, we'll mean that if you ask someone in a bank what day it is, they'll tell you. Or maybe we mean that someone will give you a piece of fruit. We'll have to decide in the car on the way to the court appearance, probably. Whatever our lawyer says is best.

So don't just look at "7 inch" and "10 inch" as the size of these Samsung Tab 2 Tablet bundles. And don't just look at how they can play MP3s and WMAs and OGGs and FLACs. Look at them as a starting point for your imagination. Look at them as a door to your dreams! Remember, if you can dream it, you can be it!

Now, who wants a sandwich, huh?