SANYO 39" or 42" 1080p LCD HDTV

by wootbot


It's easy to understand why everyone likes SANYOs!

Televisions like these SANYOs? Those things are easy. There's the button on the the screen, then the buttons on the remote. You just press those and it does the stuff. What could be simpler? Now, TV instruction manuals on the other hand, they're tough! Seriously, who even knows how to use one of those things, right?

Well, we do, actually, so we figured, why not share some tasty tidbits of advice? Check it out!

The first thing you're going to think is, "Whoa! This instruction manual is short! All it says is the name of the TV and 'instruction manual.'" This is probably because you're looking at the instruction manual's COVER. If you open that, like a book, then you'll find more words!

Which leads us to our next little pointer: don't cut our the words and glue them to magnets to do refrigerator poetry. Those words are put in there in a SPECIFIC way to tell you how to use your television. They should be read in the order they came.

But you don't have to read every word. For example, if you get to a place where it's just a bunch of words in another language, those are the same ones you've been reading except in Spanish or French or Chinese or whatever. This can be tough, though, because some tech-y words seem like they're in another language. How can you tell the difference? Other languages are the words with weird lines and dots over the letters, whereas tech-y words are the ones with numbers at the end.

Well, there you have it, folks! Hopefully this helps you read the instruction manual that comes with your new SANYO TV!