Schwinn Exercise Bike Recumbent/Upright

by wootbot

It Gets Better

Don't let shame keep you from recumbent cycling

Do you prefer to exercise from a reclined position but are too afraid to show the world?  Then you are a closeted recumbent cyclist, and there are thousands like you. Don't be ashamed of your cycling preferences -- show the world! But in the meantime choose between these recumbent or upright stationary bikes to build up your confidence in the privacy of your own home. 

It gets better. You may gaze enviously at middle-aged recumbent cyclists as they pass you on the bike trail and try to push those feelings deep, deep inside yourself -- but that way lies emotional ruin. You must embrace who you are, and make the world accept YOUR proclivities. 

Start by celebrating your fitness preferences in the privacy of your basement. Then move it up to the first floor where someone might see you. And finally, take it out to your front yard to tell your neighbors "Yes, I'm a recumbent bicyclist, and I'm PROUD." 

Perhaps you were raised in a household that shamed you for your desire to cycle in general, and you need to start with the upright bike. That's fine -- just do whatever it takes to get you past your shame. Riding a bike is a perfectly healthy, normal thing to do. It's the unicyclists that are the depraved hedonists.