Sharp 2.1CH Soundbar w/ Wireless Sub

by wootbot

Slim To None

Save on airfare; buy a skinny speaker.

You may have heard that one airline recently began charging passengers by weight. The airline (Samoan, appropriately) makes the argument that costs are based on cargo weight, but larger passengers complain that they are being penalized.

However, the same pricing structure applies to luggage, and this raises the question: Is it fair to penalize passengers who are transporting speaker systems other than the ultra-slim Sharp 2.1CH Soundbar?

Sure, these speakers can fill a room with rich sound despite being impossibly thin, but does that mean a person flying across the Pacific with them should pay less? Isn't this a kind of tax break on speaker slimness?

This airline policy crosses an interesting boundary between economics and ethics. On the one hand, it makes sense for airlines to charge for weight (just as UPS or Fedex would). On the other hand, it embarrasses audiophiles with overweight speaker systems.

In any case, it's probably wise to pick up this ultra-slim speaker set, because you never know when you're going to have to pack it up and move across the country at a moment's notice. Oh wait -- there's a subwoofer.