Sharp 3.1CH Sound Bar Surround System

by wootbot

New Home Theaterism

With urban planning and home theater planning, density is everything.

Growing cities have two choices: Grow out, or grow up. That is, new residents can live either further out in the suburbs or the core of the city (if high-density housing is available). Similarly, folks often build sprawling, low-rise home theaters in lieu of high-rise options with smaller footprints. That's a mistake. 

Take the Sharp 3.1CH Sound Bar Surround System. It's got great surround-sound performance, simple, one-cable connectivity, and 3D compatibility. But what really sets it apart in the eyes of modern home theater designers ("new theaterists") is its small footprint and vertical orientation. That allows for more walkable cable connectivity, greater greenspace (for houseplants), and a reduced dependence on energy-inefficient receivers.  

You, as the "mayor" of your burgeoning entertainment center, are faced with a choice. Do you let your home theater grow ever outward, consuming more and more floor- and shelf-space? Or do you face into the criticisms of NIMRRs ("Not in my rec room!") and forge a sustainable, manageable system?