SHOCKING Little-Known Facts About America's TOP Universities!

by Jason Toon

  • In 1991, the Linguistics and Philosophy Department at M.I.T. was suspended for three years for NCAA recruiting violations.
  • Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska has more toilets than Guatemala.
  • Since 1872, every commencement address at Vanderbilt University has ended with the phrase "in my pants."
  • Gonzaga University was named for Bartholomew of Gonzaga, patron saint of soffit and fascia.
  • "Princeton University" was a hoax created by Woodrow Wilson to pad out his resume. When he feared that the press would uncover the secret, he hastily assembled an actual university.
  • At Johns Hopkins University, every January 31st is officially "Baby Talk Day".
  • In 1969, two University of Missouri students were arrested for streaking through the men's showers.
  • Columbia University was created as a front for laundering counterfeit-handbag profits.
  • After a tough loss in the 1985 Big Ten championship tournament, Indiana coach Bobby Knight ate most of two tires off of the Purdue team bus. 
  • Incoming freshmen at Arizona State University are required to take a course in safe vomiting.