Shun Classic 3-Piece Set

by wootbot

The Shunining

The novice. The reasonably-talented. The professional. These are the three stages of the chef. These are the three ways a chef can Shun.

In a chef's life, many doors will close. A good set of knives can prepare them. For once you can master the Shun, truly, you have mastered life itself.


Oh, with your Utility knife, they will laugh. "What good are you, small one? Go back to opening jars of Paul Newman's spaghetti sauce!" But know this: the Utilty knife works in mysterious ways. Hand sharpened, double-bevel, stainless Damascus cladding, and the very thing a new chef must hold to chop and slice and, well, everything. SHOW THEM WHO THE REAL DADDY IS WITH THIS UTILITY KNIFE!


Oh, you know. You know how to make a Thanksgiving dinner and a fresh Beef Wellington. But will anyone seek you out? You see, to give away food is one thing. To have your food asked for is another. But never mind, the Hollow Ground Santoku will dazzle and gleam, and the ebony Pakkawood handle will be unto a weapon- against bad cooking! Ha ha ha, you'll say, as you take out a green pepper with one motion! And your guests will applaud. Even if your pasta isn't quite done.


Now. Now you hold the Paring Knife like it was a lever that moves the world. You can make an owl out of a melon and a chicken out of- well, a different melon. But if you need to, you can whip up a dinner that would make an Iron Chef cry. For you are not in need of a knife. Your MIND is the knife. But taking out your mind's a bit unsanitary, so you keep using these Shuns instead.

THREE STAGES. THREE PHASES. THREE KNIVES. EVOLVE TO YOUR GREATEST POTENTIAL IN THE HANDS OF THE COOKING GODS. Also, if you remember who they are, let us know, okay? We left our copy of Bullfinch's Mythology on the bus, and we feel REALLY dumb about it.