Shun Edo 3-Piece Knife Set

by wootbot

Tastes Like That Good Old-Fashioned Super-Steel

I think I've found the secret to elevating my lemonade stand above the others in this neighborhood: teriyaki.

Used to be you could just stir up a pitcher of Country Time, stack some paper cups on a TV tray, and watch the quarters roll in. Well, those days are over. Between the recession and the foodie thing, today's pedestrians are much more finicky about where they spend their pocket change. So I'm going to expand our menu with a full teriyaki selection, and I'm going to do it with the Shun Edo 3-Piece Knife Set.

With their stick-resistant steel blades and ergonomic handle design, I'll serve up the finest grilled fish, beef, chicken, and veggies in this entire subdivision. I'm talking real professional-grade slicing and dicing here, which is the only way I do things. You'll notice I never write my lemonade stand's signs on that ragged-edge spiral notebook paper. Nothing but loose-leaf for me. That's the kind of top-shelf quality I expect from these Shun Edo knives.

Now all I have to do is get my Mom and Dad to let me use these super-sharp knives. I bet I can convince them; I mean, I am almost 23 years old.