Simple.TV The Ultimate DVR

by wootbot

Simple TV, Complicated Writeup

What does it do? We'll explain in simple and easy to understand language! 

Were it to be but fate that those of us who find ourselves in gainful employment as wordsmiths under the joyous umbrella of the digital commerce venture named for the excited exclamation popularized by the culture cultivated in the digital sphere known as the world wide web would be placed in a position to discuss an electronic device whose name indicates a core principle of our editorial tenets: simplicity.

Perhaps this very task descended into our welcoming laps for the reason that those in principle roles comprehended in their heart of hearts that only we, such scribes of simplicity, could possibly convey its purpose in a way that could be understood and enjoyed by simpletons and geniuses alike who all find themselves upon this ball of soil and hydration known simply, in the language brought to these United States by the empire of Great Britain, as earth.

The aforementioned product, ripe with complication-free operation and utility, is known by the title that begins with the word we have discussed at length above - "Simple" - followed by two letters, T being the first and V coming immediately in the next slot. 

What it does is record TV while you're away.