Singer 9340 Electronic Sewing Machine White

by wootbot

Sew this is Christmas

Moar pockets, pls! 

What are you giving people for Christmas? A gadget? Some jewelry? PFFFT! Not me! No way! I give the gift of convenience, the gift of organization, the gift of POCKETS!

Seriously, under my tree, there's nothing but a bunch of envelopes. Inside each, a note: "IOU 1 POCKET!" Where's the pocket? Anywhere you want it! You just let me know and I bring over my Singer Electronic Sewing Machine and go to work, no questions asked.  

You want another back pocket? You got it! You want a pocket on your knee? Sounds good! You want a little pouch like a kangaroo's sewn into your favorite t-shirt? I'll do it!

But it doesn't just have to be clothes either. I'll sew you a comforter pocket so you can have a safe place to put your wallet while you sleep, or a drape pocket so you can hang your keys in your front window, or a shower curtain pocket because where are you going to put all those receipts you find in the shower?

The only stipulation: you get just one pocket per Christmas. So if you want a bunch of pockets at once, you better start saving up IOUs now.