Snowpocalypse Not: Let's Come Up With A Name For Overhyped Weather Events

by Jason Toon & Team Chuckle!

First responders were on high alert. The Department of Transportation advised commuters to leave work early. Afterschool activities were cancelled. Yesterday, Seattle braced for a repeat of the paralyzing snow that hit in November. City leaders were determined not to repeat the mistakes that snarled the city back then.

And they didn't. Because it barely snowed.

OK, an inch or two fluttered down last night. But the promised snowpocalypse never happened. And I, for one, feel gypped. Sure, it's always better to be overprepared than underprepared. But the teevee got me all primed for some real weather action (and a snowcation from work), not just a slushy walk to the bus stop this morning.

Since the major precipitation storms of the past couple of years have spawned all kinds of cute names - I'm partial to "Snowtorious B.I.G." and "SnowMG"- it's time to come up with some names for the wanna-freeze, the also-rains, the major weather events that turn out to be minor. Here are ours:

  • Snowverreaction
  • Letdownpour
  • Flood Libel
  • Snowverrated
  • Sound & Flurry
  • Yawnslaught
  • Blahzzard
  • Snow Big Deal
  • Parasnowia
  • Snowbored
  • Deluges of Grandeur
  • Snowverblown
  • Drizzlegeddon

Post your ideas in the discussion below!

Photos by Flickr member Gatzby. Used by permission.