Sony Speaker System with Apple Dock

by wootbot

Speaker Up

Doesn't the Sony kinda look like the iPod's muscle?

Aww, snap! Look who's back!

Oh hey, 30-pin iPod. Didn't get enough last time, did you?

"No! I, I, I came b-b-back to t-t-t-tell..."

Spit it out, iPod.

Yeah, we don't got all day.

"... to tell you guys to stop making funna me!"

Oh, is that so?

Why? Because we insulted your singing voice?

If you can call that a voice!

Nice one, bro!

"I'm serious. I'm asking politely that you don't make fun of me anymore. D-d-d-don't make me m-m-make you."

Wait, what? You're gonna make US do something?

You and what army, iPod?

"This one-unit army of sound that is this Sony Speaker System with Apple Dock!"

Oh, crap! Where did that guy come from?

He looks strong!

"You're gosh darn right he's strong. He's got Dual Passive Radiators and a built-in subwoofer. He could blast you with high-quality sound without breaking a sweat."


That's... uh... [gulp] impressive.

"And would you agree that he's very stylish with his stainless steel accents?"



"No, say it. Say he's a stylish speaker system."

Oh, c'mon!

"I said, SAY IT!"

You're a very good-looking speaker dock, Mr. Sony.

Handsome as the day is long, Mr. Sony.

"He says, thank you."

I didn't hear anything...

"He speaks only to me. We have an innate understanding, he and I. Now, I bid you fellows farewell. Surely, when our paths cross again, you won't be as unruly as you were in the past."