Sony STAMINA PLUS Batteries - 5 Sizes

by wootbot

Why Don't We Have Z-Cells

The battery alphabet, before you start scouring, is simply the best way to handle empowering.

AA is for aardvark, the remote control kind. With a battery in place, you won't have to wind.

AAA is for "AAA! My remote's just shut down!" With batteries on hand, you won't have to walk 'round.

C is for "Crap! These batteries are big!" But, of course, when you need them, they're always just the thing.

D is for "Darn it! We just lost the light! Good thing we put batteries in our flashlight tonight."

9V is for sleep, when completely unplanned, your fire alarm starts to beep and demand that you put in a new battery, alakazam ! Always it'll happen about 3 AM.

The battery alphabet, so simple! So grand! Also much shorter than we'd originally planned.

...maybe just go read the other sites? Seriously, we named all the battery types. We got nothin' left.