Sony Xperia Z Tablet Bundles

by wootbot

Pop Quiz

It's standardized test season! At least, it is on today. SEE HOW YOU SCORE

1) The Sony Xperia Z is:

a: a 10.1" tablet
b: a new mid-season replacement TV show about zombies
c: a powerful mutant
d: a horrible typo the Woot team made in an attempt to discuss a classic of Italian cinema

2: With a water-resistant design, you could use your tablet in which of the following ways?

a: completely submersed in up to three feet of water for around thirty minutes
b: to train yourself in breath control by watching one episode of Happy Days with your head in the pool and only coming up at the commercial breaks
c: as a gift for the King of Atlantis
d: to slap the Woot staff member you like the least

3: With the clever battery management system, you'll now be able to:

a: avoid battery drain from the apps you're not currently using
b: flip back and forth between Netflix and Hulu Plus to power-marathon all the shows on your list
c: avoid draining your repulsor beams just to charge your tablet
d: write even more angry letters that start with "Today's Woot Poll On Mosquitos Has Gone Too Far, Sir"

If you answered mostly "a":

You're a realist. Or, possibly, you read the features first. Either way, you know exactly what this Sony Xperia Z Tablet can do. Well done, informed consumer!

If you answered mostly "b":

Focused on your favorite TV shows, eh? We hear you. Maybe consider buying this tablet so you can keep up with TV listings or maybe even send a video right to your TV itself!

If you answered mostly "c":

Look, you're probably only going to be reading comic books on this tablet, but that's okay! It means you won't have to ever touch your bagged and boarded collectors items! You're protecting your investment.

If you answered mostly "d":

Well. We hope you're happy. You made everybody cry. We don't even want to look at you now. Although, we MIGHT forgive you if you bought one of these tablets. Maybe.