Study Those Album Covers, There Will Be A Test Later

by Scott Lydon

Based on how you respond to KenJen every Tuesday, we know you guys like trivia. But trivia's not just about history and cultural minutiae. Trivia also includes art. So here's today's question: how well do you know your album covers? Oh, yeah? Wanna prove it? Coversmart is a chance to see just how well you can identify the face of your favorite tunes.




Stripped of the name, you'll have to flip through the racks in your mind. Some are easy, like Sgt. Pepper or Nevermind. You can probably even picture those right now. But what about the cover of Mothership Connection or Siamese Dream? Or the first Rob Base album? Think you can identify those on sight? Okay, here's your chance to prove it, music nerd. See if you can beat our nine out of ten on today's quiz, and then hit their archives for more.