TDK Sound Cube or 2-Speaker Boombox

by wootbot

Battery Mates

Finally, a way to make the most of all those 'D' batteries.

Back in the heady sweepstakes days of the late 80s, you signed up for any contest that could win you a "Lifetime Supply" of anything. So when you finally ended up winning one, you were somewhat taken aback that it was a lifetime supply of generic brand 'D' batteries. You've had an awfully hard time making the most of your winnings -- until now.

You see, both the TDK Sound Cube and 2-Speaker Boombox are 'D' battery hogs. The latter takes 10 'D' batteries to run, and the former takes 12. Simply put: They are idea portable stereos for the lifetime-supply-of-'D'-battery-sweepstakes-winner crowd.

It's a nice bonus that they're also great-sounding and great-looking speakers. Both systems feature 20 watts of crisp, full sound, multiple inputs (USB, 30-pin, 3.5mm), and a rad retro-futuristic appearance. But let's be honest: It's all about blasting through those 'D' batteries.

For some reason they also feature the option to plug into a wall outlet, but that seems a little weird. How is someone with an infinite number of 'D' batteries supposed to make the most of their prize that way?